Startup Merch + Marketing

While working with a brand aimed at high school and college aged students, I got to have a lot of fun with brainstorming marketing design and creating assets.

The app was Homework Answers, and focused on live tutors for various levels of math homework. I was tasked for creating merch primarily for the target audience, as student ambassador teams were being created at various campuses.

Our first thoughts were around how popular stickers are for the back of laptops for this audience. So, instead of just a singular sticker, I wanted to create a full sticker sheet! This made it feel more organic, having some stickers that weren’t specific to math problems. It features a mix of standard circular elements and die-cut elements.

Our next focus was apparel style merch. We created a popular “dad hat” style with a snapchat code on the back that leads to the app download.

We then created a pencil with a link that included free sessions. Having various links and acquisition styles per product helped to let us know which was converting the most.

Aside from just creating merch for an audience, startup swag is also an essential for teams who attend conferences, sponsor events, etc. It’s easy guerilla marketing that assists in visibility.