UI + The Success of Your Startup

Did you know that users will tend to feel a design is more usable simply because it is more aesthetically pleasing? This is a phenomenon called the aesthetic-usability effect. Studies show that users have a positive emotional response to visual design, which makes them more tolerant of minor usability issues and annoyances on an app or website.

Of course, as both a UX and UI designer, I also encourage a strong user experience. However, for early stage startups who are still working out the kinks, a beautiful UI is a great place to start. 

Many startups initially work with developers to get their product (app, website, etc) launched, but developers aren’t always the best at user interface design. That’s where having a professional designer on the team, whether as a full time staff member or just to get your design system started (hire me) comes in handy.

Here are two concept screens I quickly created for the startup Dangle a few years ago, when they were potentially in search of a new designer:

Here’s a peek at their existing screen designs, displayed on their site:

In this case, it doesn’t take the most design savvy person to see which interface users (and investors) would gravitate towards. Usability is key, but startups who take the steps to give their product a facelift will have an overall better chance of success!

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